‘The Mistake’ by Emma Lousie Dagnall 4/5



A romance novel set in West Didsbury, Manchester where a bride and a groom celebrate their love on their wedding day. However, cracks begin to show. Will their happy day turn out the way they expected it? It just goes to show that brides should never keep secrets…


I really love the way this book has been written. The storyline happens throughout one day, Nina and Thomas’ Wedding Day, but it also flashes back over the past 10 months, where Nina has been having an affair with Thomas’ brother Daniel.

With that kind of relationship there is a lot of drama the can unfold if found out. There is also family issues that happen which gives the book a little more than just focusing on a girl/boys relationship.

In the scene where Nina is in the hospital (you will find out why when you read this book) I felt that Dagnall did some really good research into what would go on in the type of situation that occurs. Some authors, if they write hospital scenes, skip over the medical treatment aspect. Whereas in this book I felt that I was with Nina through this time.

The book is shorter than most some but it is paced well. At the end of the novel there is such a shocking cliff hanger which leaves you wanting more.


buy this book : http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00DDPC1UQ


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