Man Candy Monday

Will Cooper

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Will Cooper

My Man Candy this week has to be Will Cooper from the ‘Slammed’ series by Colleen Hoover.

Over the past couple days I have been addicted to this series. I honestly cannot get enough.

Will Cooper is the main guy in this series and everything you would want in one. He is tall, dark haired Michigan man. He comes into the story when Layken (the main character whose eyes we see the story through) moves across the street. He has a love of writing poetry which to me is something that makes me weak at the knees. Through his poetry we also see that he isn’t afraid to share his emotions, which is kind of a helpful trait in guys. I think with him being so open hearted throughout the series really makes me fall for him.

I’m currently reading the third book in the series called ‘This Girl’ and by the way I have been absorbed into these books it will probably be finished by tonight. I think that to create a great book series like Hoover has, there needs to be a character that you don’t want to be separated from. In this book there is two. Layken and Will but mostly Will.


Read the first book in the series ‘Slammed’ – ebook here:


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